Only a few more days of Social Action before I return to my group. I miss them intensely. A form of homesickness, I am plagued with bussickness. The program that I was placed in is called Ofakim and I work with children who have CP. It’s difficult because I don’t speak the language and it bothers me intensely that I can never make that deep of a connection. Despite the language barrier, however, I have grown attached to these kids. It makes me so sad when I see an 8 year old girl who can barely stand on her feet and another who cannot control her drooling or who is unable to speak. I’m too sensitive for this sort of thing. All I want is to make them better, to let them live the way they should be able to. They’re the sweetest of kids and they deserve to go beyond the confines of a walker or a wheelchair. It’ll be hard for me when I have to leave them in 2 days.

In other news I left my favorite CDs on the bus. I feel so superficial to be having a near panic attack during my social action experience just because a few unvital belongings of mine are missing. I still can’t help thinking about it though. I associate so many things so those songs, including home, and it makes me sad that I might not be able to get them back. I have vowed to search every bus until I find it once we return to our groups after special interest week. It’s funny how I think of you when I listen to certain songs, and yet not at any other time. My music is dictated by mood, the lyrics are my articulation. I feel incomplete without them there to express my feelings. I hope I get them back.


Curfew is up. Tomorrow I get up early for another day of volunteering.

I love you.

Lila Tov.


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