So, I lied. And sadly, Danielle Demers, I am not writing this from an internet cafe. I am on free weekend in Israel so I’m staying at my friend’s house.

I started to read the entries that I have missed and I realized, I can’t get into it. It’s not as if I don’t care about the people or what is going on in their lives, it’s just odd. My two worlds are separate and when I begin to mix it I feel confused. I start to miss home when all I really want is to stay here. I know that some of you worry despite my telling you that I’m safe. But, honestly, I have never felt more safe or more at home in my entire life. The feeling of community and instant acceptance is overwhelming. The emotional bond that I feel with this country is beyond imagine. I cried at the Kotel. I cried for my grandmother, I cried for the way the country is now, I cried for the people who were at the wall and were praying for lost sons and daughters.

I love it here; it’s been the summer of my life. I look out my window and would never want to be anywhere else. I know that when I come home the culture shock will be intense, and I’m dreading it, dreading leaving this place for real. I love all of you intensely, and today when I recieved Liz’s letter I bragged about it for 5 minutes (btw the reason none of you have recieved letters is that they just recently gave us the Israeli stamps needed to send stuff), however, there’s just something about being in a country where your entire heritage is based. And the shopping, repelling, hiking, and beach time in Eilat, Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem doesn’t hurt either.

On monday I begin my special interest week. I chose Social Action and I’m not sure exactly what we’re doing but among things we’re visiting patients at the Hadassah hospital and working at a camp for Palestinian and Israeli children to increase the peace. I wish things were different here. It seems sacreligious to have such fighting in a place that is so holy to so many people. The Palestinians aren’t treated as citizens. The Israelis are being bombed by terror attacks. The disengagement is going strong and there are protestors with bright orange shirts found lining the cities. Soon there will be no middle class, an overwhelming amount of poor, and a few rich. This saddens me. I want to make a change, right now. To save this beautiful place. There is nothing like seeing the sunrise over Masada or the sand dunes in the Negev at night or the way the Red Sea looks with Eilat as it’s backdrop. There is nothing like it and I never want it to end.

But have no fear, because as of August 3rd, I will be returning home. I love you and details and pictures will be arriving with me as I step off the plane.

p.s. I still listen to “Passenger Seat” and Dashboard when we’re on the bus in Israel and think of home.



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  1. You don’t know how relieved that makes me. You deserve the happiness Israel has given you, more than anyone else. (At least, it sounds like it’s making you happy.)


  2. okay. first off, im so glad that you have found a place where you love to be. i know some people whow are not too much longer in this world, and they have yet to find that place.
    second off, rapelling is awesome.
    third off, social action is also quite up there on my awesome list. see you soon.


  3. uhm yeh i miss you. i thought about you today. i hope israel is absolutely everything you expected and so much more. and i love you like woah. and get ideas in your head, kid we gotta start planning


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