Best Friends Like Whoa. Yesterday was awesome to the max. I will miss these people when I am gone.

our tributes to eachother

I love this picture. My best friends are beautiful.

my super-awesome t-shirt idea.

B’s Collage

My mom’s bulletin board collage of “Miracle” and personal quotes that Liz and I made

EW+AGF+DL. Because they get me more than you ever could, and I love them for it.


3 thoughts on “”

  1. fine, then, i shall abandon any hopes I had for plowing forwarrd and makinga amazing new cults, ill just have to look for another venue. do you know what the number one biggest cult movie is?I DO [thank google!}1.)Rocky Horrrow Picture Show [i have a friend who goes to the re-plays in le city]2.)This is Spinal Tap3.)Scarfaceand H&M is number four.
    ps. this is the first time i have gone to your xanga with the sound on. and i have no idea who this girl is.


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