This will be my last entry until I return from Israel, seeing as how I
already know my full schedule and I will be too busy with other things
to have any intense emotional revelations. For those of you who don’t
know I will be in Israel from June 27th (Monday) until August 3rd. You
should all write me. I don’t care how well we know eachother, I just
adore letters. I will write back. And I won’t have most people’s
addresses so you should write me first. Oh, and letters take up to 2
weeks to arrive so don’t wait until the end to write and don’t think I
forgot about you if your letter comes super-delayed. And if I, in fact,
do not write you back it is only because I didn’t get your letter or I
will be home in a couple of days, anyway.

Arika Gold-Feinberg
Young Judaea Israel Programs (Machon 1)
Hadassah Youth Center
P.O. Box 24111
Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91240

I will miss some, others I will be glad to get a break
from, and still others I cannot wait to put an entire ocean in between



5 thoughts on “”

    or…not, because i will BE WITH YOU!!! AAHHH!!!! YAAY!!!! also, i dropped my sis off at TY yesterday…it was sooooo weird to know that i was older than all of the campers there. ucch. and also, thanks for posting the address because i want to also and i didnt feel like getting up and finding it.
    see you MONDAY!!!!


  2. dude, Jerusalem has internet cafes. so dont leave me hangin. and dont forget to buy me pants and a pocket torah! hahahaha or something ethnic and cool ad chochke. how the hell does one spell that word?? yes, so have fun being a full time jew for a month!


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