After this entry, I will never have to write another one again. It is
everything that you will ever need to know about me. (and no, it is not
the same as my myspace info, jerks.)
**If you read all of this I will love you FOR.EV.ERRRR.****

i like to call people by their initials/the first letter of their name as nicknames.
i can tell a lot about someone by what types of movies they like.
i am perceptive beyond belief.
i like to discuss things until i can’t speak any more.
i like to have individualistic shoes.
my taste in music is based on the lyrics. if i connect with it i will listen to it for days on end.
i like to cry for an emotional release, but i hate to do it in public.
i adore being the only one who knows things.
i can have a 20 min. conversation with your dad.
i spend my wednesdays at the school newspaper room, just because one of my best friends is the
if you make me a mix tape/cd i will love you forever.
i want to change the world.
i believe in happy endings.
i am sensitive, empathetic, and compassionate.
i hope to write movie reviews for next year’s LAMP.
i want to be a movie critic when i grow up.
i wish i was molly ringwald.
reminiscing is my JOB; i wish it was still the 90s.
i like to break it down to cheesy pop songs.
i hate when people are mad at me.
i am a pop culture junkie.
i like to be articulate.
the way kids change in high school makes me sad.
i can kick your ass in writing.
i write haikus every day.
i love writing notes to people.
i dance like no one is watching, and this usually makes people laugh.
i’m not afraid to look stupid when i’m with my friends.
i’m the funny one in class, because, well, i’m HI-LARIOUS.
i get crushes on student teachers.
boys who play acoustic guitar are automatically entered into the running to father my children.
i love hand holding, but i love hugging better, and cuddling best.
i’m genuine.
there is a big sign over my head that says: CONFIDE IN ME.
i am excellent at listening.
i’m “everyone’s best friend”
i give excellent advice.
i’m goofy, but despise immaturity.
i tend to trust the wrong people.
i’m EXTREMELY protective of my friends.
i just want to be loved.
i’m loyal to a fault.
when i get scared, i tend to push people away.
i’m normally passive, except when i’m extremely angry at you and/or strongly dislike you.
i love the boys in my physics class, but i love every single person in my Teen PEP class more than anything.
i am VP of the thespian society.
i tend to follow a pattern with the boys i like, although it is completely unintentional.
i love to watch people and i overanalyze.
i am a FANATIC of Dawson’s Creek <3<3<3
i’m a sucker for homemade cards and gifts that were given “just because”.
i am maternal.
i am the quintessential girl next door.
i like kisses on the forehead.
i don’t take compliments well.
i crave acceptance from those i admire.
i give and make excellent gifts when i know you well.
i can quote “She’s All That” and am proud of this fact.
my mother calls me an “old soul”.
i understand myself extremely well
i like it when people understand what i feel without me having to explain it.
i am predictable.
i see my life through camera angles.
i talk too much.
i get jealous.
i procrastinate.
i need reassurance.
i am adorable.
i am sweet.
i have the same humor as the movie”Napoleon Dynamite”, and was this way before the movie came out.
i have never been in love.
i obsess over things and people.
i am a non-creepy stalker.
i admire from afar.
there are only a few people that i am not currently friends with who i would like to be friends with.
i can never believe that people consider me cool and yearn to be my friend from afar as well.
i want to attend NYU.
i am as pure as snow.
i am straight edge.
i worry enough for other people so that they don’t have to worry about themselves.
if i hate my teacher, i won’t do the work for the class.
i enjoy reading, but only on my own time.
i hate school work.
i hate the capitalist education system.
i am against “the system” in general.
i love it when people draw me pictures.
i am a democratic socialist.
i love explaining things to people.
i care more than you.
i replay things in my head.
i like playing with other people’s hair, as well as my own.



8 thoughts on “”

  1. I think you’re everyone’s best friend.
    You forgot one: “I am beautiful.” Here, you can have it. (*hands it over*)


  2. i can never believe that people consider me cool and yearn to be my friend from afar as well. better believe it, gorgeous. Haha- we need to share some more stories. I misssss you so incredibly much…and we just became awesome friends this year =(


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