I can never watch “The Little Mermaid” again without thinking how
degrading it is to women, thank you Honors Major Themes. Liana and I
impressed Jenn with our bright colors, so, basically, we rocked that

Jackie Reilly is in my yearbook more than I am. hahahaha

I took a look at the cast pictures from “Frankenstein” and I smiled at
the rememberance of how much fun I had. It was one of the best
experiences of my life. Then I looked that the pictures of  “Daisy
Pulls It Off” and cringed at the thought that I would actually have to
work with some of these people next year (not including Brandon, Jill,
and Jen, of course).

I’m going to miss Meredith Fear a lot, but she will change the world.

I, on the other hand, will not because I bombed my quiz in CWS due to the fact that Mrs. Mack is a dumbass. Sorry, Kofi.

The making of the 2006 was one of the most pointless experiences of my
life. However, Craig is pretty funny when he’s in charge and I got to
stand with Susan, Erik, Ian, Nathan, and Kori (before they moved that
rebel). Afterwards Danielle and I walked around just to get a wave and
we discussed the soul mate aspects of me and air conditioning. Oh yes,
cryptics. It’s okay, we’re loveable stalkers. “Those kids are so stupid
that they wouldn’t know what to chant when started chanting!”
Philosophers of our grade.

I hope to finish my Hon. Maj. Themes final early, as I did with the
mid-term, and then make my way down to the advanced theater
performances. I love those kids.

We took Danielle home today after a wild search for my brother. We talked about everything.

I didn’t get to go to LAMP today, and this made me sad. I’m sure Mr. McHale missed me.

And I missed Teen PEP like it’s my job.


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