There’s something about riding around flemington at night that I adore.
I can’t explain it particularly well. It certainly isn’t the appeal of
everything shutting down at 10 o’clock, and yet, it does have to do
with the comforts of a small town appeal. I know that somewhere there
are kids getting piss-ass drunk and smoking weed and having sex, but
from the outside you could never tell that. The sense of innocence that
the surface of this town holds is endearing. Of course we all know what
lies beneath, but when you’re driving around listening to songs from
your middle school days or sitting in a restaurant or diner at 9
o’clock because nothing else is really open, you tend to forget that.
You can just lose yourself in the carefree lifestyle of your youth. It
makes me forget that I have to grow up. And although I yearn to live in
an environment where the town never sleeps and the concept of  a
nightlife isn’t so foreign, I cherish these days where the wildest
thing that I do is honk the horn at little girls at the movie theater
and act like their mother or go on impromptu trips to Home Depot,
ShopRite, 7Eleven, and tire stoes or sing at the top of my lungs to
Michelle Branch and do silly dance moves. I’ll miss the late night
talks and the security that comes with the feeling that you and your
friends are the only ones awake; as if the entire town is yours and
yours alone. I’ll miss that when I leave.


6 thoughts on “”

  1. arika i liked our boy talk.. and u need to finish the stories. haha maybe later tonite. just make sure its me this time.


  2. i like going to dunkin donuts at 1 in the morning with you!!! 😉
    Sleepy small towns can be fun, but so can wild cities.  No matter what you’ll always have Flemington and you never have to grow up.  Leave a piece of your heart here and it’ll always be there when you want to come back.  And you know you can always come back and cruise the night streets with me.  hehehe.  You’re the queen of cruising!


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