I am obsessed with haikus! Last night I started my “thespian society
portfolio” and they are the best evahhh, just ask Meredith. My 
talent is unparalleled and if you’re lucky, maybe I’ll write one for
you 😉

So this day sucked my life until Teen PEP<3 Man I love them.

Let’s see- first block the Hon. Physics test kicked my ass. I seriously
cannot remember what made me take that class. I must have gone
temporarily insane. And it didn’t help that Kevin kept playing with the
pulley and the meter stick, watching it go up and down, when I was
trying to take my test.

Second block wasn’t too bad today, I rocked the reading quiz and I
talked with Matt and RJ the entire time about how fucked up RJ got last
night. “RJ, I’m really worried about you, I feel like you’re going to
die or something!” “Naw, don’t worry about me brah, I’m not going
anywhere.” hahahaha aww man I love those kids. And apparently it is
just too weird to be a peace sign, even though it TOTALLY makes sense
because there are 3 parts. Dorks.

3rd block we watched “The Lorax” but it was so hot that we all just
passed out on our desks and slept a little. Even Mrs. Mack was like
“it’s too hot to teach”.

4th block was Teen PEP!!! Dave came back today and I found out that
next week is his last week because he’s leaving early for Naval Academy
classes! WTF DAVE, I didn’t even get to plan our BFD (Best Friend Day)
and he’s leaving me forever! (And yes, he did laugh when I said this
too him. Obviously). But I was really upset that he was leaving early.
Teen PEP is so close, and I don’t want to cut short my time with any of
them. I’m going to be really sad when this is over. Also, Mr. Carr was
not being my favorite person. First he broke up me and Ali and then he
wrote me down for the wrong part in one of the skits. But oh well,
because Dave and I laughed the entire time because we’re HILARIOUS and
I’m really excited about this workshop. I think that it’s one of the
most important ones to teach.

After school I stayed for tutorial with RJ and Matt so we could do our
“The Color Purple” project. RJ totally rocked that thing and I was
really impressed, especially considering how much of a hangover he had.
Matt didn’t have a ride home so I gave him a ride. Even my brother
thinks he’s funny. Oh, that silly East Amwell boy.

Oh yes, and yesterday I stayed after for 5 million hours at The LAMP
and I wrote Liz the most amazing “Letter to the Editor” and secured my
place as the movie reviewer for next year’s entertainment page!!! I am
very excited about this, and so is Mr.McHale, because he is my best
friend and he enjoys all of my time spent in The LAMP room as an
unofficial staff member. I TRIED to show Duncan our rap but apparently
he doesn’t enjoy talent. Oh, Ba-dunk-a-dunk. I also had like a 20 min.
phone conversation with Mr. Wright because he is supah cool.


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